Video: Alicia Bosschic’s beanless sumbie video leaks


Socialite Alicia Bosschic has become the latest slay queen to see her nekkid tape leak on social media streets.

The socialite who is fond of dropping wild and raunchy videos centering on her centre parts this time round saw her the exact ‘things’ posted.

Alicia in the leaked video took to a client’s phone who had ordered for her simbie pics amd videos to ask for just 50k for her to drop the video.

The asker didn’t hesitate and immediately deposited the money to her account.

No sooner had he sent the money than she dropped the video.

This however has left social media users wondering why she didn’t visit the bush as her sumbie lacks cheeks and fat lips.

To many of these, it just looks blunt and not appetizing to chew at all.

She even asked for more 50k from her customer in order to give him a squirting of his life via a video call.

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