Use water cannon & teargas trucks to fight Covid-19, Besigye asks police

Previous Forum for Democratic Change Presidential Candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye has requested that the police use water gun and teargas trucks to battle the skewered of Covid-19.

In a tweet, Besigye who has on numerous events endured police mercilessness and substantial poisonous gas, says the police “should now decidedly utilize their (costly) hardware to purify our open spots.”

The Police should now positively employ their (expensive) equipment to disinfect our public places- markets, bus & taxi-parks, streets etc. This can be conveniently done at night. When #COVID19 is defeated, they can revert to their mischief! He tweeted.

Fortebet Uganda

He says that the trucks will be powerful in purifying spots, for example, markets, transports, and taxi-leaves just as city boulevards after which the trucks can be reclaimed to their conventional use.

He also believes that people should help each other as much as possible during this time. This is the time where we survive together or sink together. People are used to survival for the fittest but this is not the time. We are all contained in the same vessel.

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