Use Facebook to apply for as many jobs, see how?

Learn how to use facebook to apply for as many jobs as you will see in this article.
Since Facebook came to use has evolved steadily from a mere social media website to a more sophisticated service platform. This is used by many people worldwide to earn a living.

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Holding a 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019.  Human resource companies, businesses, and individuals are using it to post job opportunities with the target for the world’s biggest audience.

However, Facebook’s features growth are being noticed and fully utilised by around 20-30% of its monthly active users.

It is a good step for the world’s biggest social network to introduce a job management tool to help curb the gap of unemployment worldwide.

Did you know that you can sit home and apply for as many jobs as your without incurring transport costs to drop your application or printing?

Well, worry not, I am giving you the steps right below.

First of all, prepare a very good Facebook profile/CV.

To create a good profile, open or log in to your Facebook account through a Mobile App and web-application.

After a successful login, navigate directly to the ABOUT section. “This is about you” and where the information about you should be added from.

Under this section, carefully find and click on Work and Education. This section will open and you start adding Work Place, Professional Skills, Colleges, and High Schools. In addition, Contact info as well as the basic info and more if you wish.

If you are using a mobile app, open your account and on the top-right-hand-side click on the 3-lines icon and click/press on view your profile.

When the profile opens, press on Edit Profile, scroll down and press on Edit Public Details. Then scroll down and press on Edit Your About Info. Then, start adding the Work Experience, Education and Contact info as well as the basic info and more if you wish. Save an update.

Note: You must enter the correct information and orderly to enable your CV flow well during the application process.

Now, you are done with creating your Facebook job seeking profile or CV.

The next step is searching for Facebook jobs to apply for.

In the Mobile App, tap on the briefcase icon (for jobs) and all the available jobs as per your localition will be displayed.

Use Facebook to apply

The available jobs will display and those that are newly posted by the employers are tagged with New in blue color -see below.

Use Facebook to apply

Scroll downside to choosing a job of your choice.

On a computer, quickly apply for jobs through this link: Jobs on Facebook Job


To apply for a job, simply tap or press on it and it will open, when it opens, tap or press on the Apply Now button to send your application/CV.

From here you can review your Application/CV and even make changes to fit the position you are applying for.

When you are done, you can finally click on the SEND button to send your CV.

You can still apply for more other jobs by just choosing the job you want and send the application.

With this method, you can easily and conveniently apply for many available jobs right from your bed.

This tool also helps you to save your desired job and as well, share to your friends.

You can also customise the job tool to see only the jobs of your profession or search and filter jobs depending on the salary, location, category or job type.

See you getting your best job! Good luck!

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