URSB Deputy Registrar Alfred Mugisha succumbs to covid-19

URSBHQ Deputy Alfred Mugisha

Uganda Registration Services Bureau Head Quarters deputy registrar General Alfred Mugisha has succumbed to the deadly coronavirus.

Basing on reports reaching out desk, the deputy registrar lost his life to coronavirus this morning although details surrounding the circumstances under which he died are yet to be released to the public.

Earlier this year, the country was taken by storm over the second wave of Covid-19 which was greatly characterized by a surge in the number of people affected by covid-19 throughout the country with highest numbers recorded in the central region.

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, the government imposed a mandatory 42-days lockdown which was characterized by shutting of schools, a stop on public gatherings, a ban on inter-district travel among many others.

However, towards the end of June, a drop in the numbers of patients suffering from Covid-19 was registered as well as a drop in the number of deaths as well as an increase in the recoveries in the country.

None the less, people are still being infected with the deadly virus while others are still dying thanks to the same Virus which has already claimed a multitude of lives from all age brackets.

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The question left is, will the country continue under lockdown as the number of days to the end of this lockdown clock down?, Currently the nation awaits a final decision made by President Museveni.

We pray for all the souls of people that have died due to covid-19 as we pray for the Lord to strengthen their families.

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