URA to deploy geo-property mapping system to track houses, apartments for rental income tax

The Uganda Revenue Authority has introduced a geo-property mapping system to monitor developing areas in real estate as a measure to identity houses, apartments, and arcades for rent income tax collection.

According to reports revealed by a local radio station Facebook Page, Patrick Mukiibi the Commissioner for Domestic tax in URA revealed the plans by the authority to monitor towns and other developing areas using drones to identify rental houses, apartments, and others to allocate taxes to the owners.

However, speaking to Cyclone Times Mr. Ian Rwanyika the Depute spokesperson for URA confirmed these reports and clarified that the authority is deploying a geo-property mapping system to track the housing property in urban and developing centers, but not these known drones as it was earlier on alleged by some media houses.

It was noted that the strategy is intended to improve the collection of the rent income tax, not property tax which is in the regards of KCCA or local government.

Rental Income Tax is imposed under Section 5 of the Income Tax Act (The Act) which provides that a tax shall be charged for each year of income and is imposed on every person who has a rental income for the year of income. Unlike other forms of income, rental income is classified and taxed separately under the Act.

On the other side, Property tax is a tax paid on property owned by an individual or other legal entity, such as a corporation. Most commonly, property tax is a real estate ad-valorem tax, which can be considered a regressive tax. It is calculated by a local government where the property is located and paid by the owner of the property.

The tax is levied by the governing authority of the jurisdiction in which the property is located. This can be a national government, a federated state, a county or geographical region, or a municipality.

See how to compute the rental income tax?

URA is being aggressive to recover taxes on rental income. 

Several landlords and landladies have received unwanted calls from URA officials and agents demanding and reminding them to register for taxes, file returns, and pay taxes on income derived from their rental property.

The new technological strategy will help the authority in reaching out to more real estate owners and easily track their tax payments.
The developing reactions on the matter are all expressing anger regarding how the government is introducing recurring taxes in addition to those that are already pressing their wallets.

We have collected some reactions and compliments on the same topic below.

Denis Tavy

Please anyone who knows better can help me and tell me the difference between URA and KCCA because now those in Kampala they pay taxes of KCCA does it mean they should also pay URA Please let someone tell me, but if the landlord in Kampala pays both then it’s not fair!!

Winnie Achieng

Wololololololo mukama nayamba…… I cultivated sugarcane to earn a living and the government intruded into the selling of sugar cane out growers now I can’t sell sugarcane, I have 20 acres. I constructed a school to earn a living and schools were closed just when I was going to begin this year and now, the small housing estate I have just constructed, URA wants a share???? Yet other investors are being exempted from taxes!!!! Banange…. Uganda has become a furnace of fire… God cone and intrude Daddy…..

Tyson Marks

Uganda is naturally gifted with many natural resources, why don’t you tap them instead of thinking of squeezing our testacles you gulatons .

Peter Bos

Dear citizens this is totally unlawful. MPs, lawyers, activists reject this approach. It’s about people’s privacy!!!

You think all people are ignorant about their rights!

So sad!!!

In simple terms drones are mobile cctv cameras not munyenye.

David Kigo

Mr. Starting with your apartments and your boss’s the one that gave u that job. These people working in these big govt ministries ave collected a lot of wealth but they don’t pay taxes instead you here them collecting it harshly from low income earners.

Rutebemberwa Vicent

Let it fly over my home en enkonyogo will do its duties tukooye akamanyiiro, we buy plots, buy expensive construction materials, bribe the so called building inspectors with no help by this government thieves then after diz thieves comes with their shameless bu tie mbu taxes😭😭😭if citizens can’t feel any help in pandemic situations, when will we feel u thieves that we pay expensively

Kagezi Collines

Really God for bid you are so serious with taxes yet the one paying are oppressed and torched

Many people are robbed in Kampala and killed many Land Cases are still stake in the courts no help , corruption is everywhere

Still telling us about paying taxes we are tired of this we need total freedom

Help elderly people are being chased away from there properties no one to help , teachers are still starving no work and are still renting houses how do they survive without working

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