URA TIN application process to take new procedures

Uganda Revenue Authority URA TIN application

The country’s tax collecting body, Uganda Revenue Authority has announced changes in the Tax Identification Number (TIN) application form.

Ian Rumanyika, acting assistant Commissioner Public and Corporate Affairs at URA made the announcement in which he said they aim at enhancing client’s experience as well as matching the changes in the tax regime, technology and business environment.

Still while speaking to media, Mr. Rumanyika noted that the new form that is web-based is user-friendly unlike the previous MS Excel-based form which their clients have been using. More to this, he informed that this form guarantees a faster and more convenient process.

To kick off the better TIN application process, URA has started with individual TIN applications which involve converting the current TIN application form to web form instead of the previous MS Excel Template hence making bettering a taxpayer’s registration experience.

“The URA and NIRA systems have been synchronised to validate and auto-populate particulars like the name, surname, gender, first name, middle name, citizenship and date of birth once a National Identification Number (NIN) has been provided by the applicant,” informed Rumanyika while speaking to the media.

Aside from the synchronisation with NIRA, the same happened with URSB in that in case someone is applying for a TIN for a business, it allows auto-populatuon of business details such as the name of the business after the business registration number is provided by the tax payer.

TIN applicants will no longer be required to print, sign-off and deliver the signed terms and conditions form to the closest URA office to them in hard copy as they were previously required to have done.

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Now, the customers are simply required to tick the terms and conditions agreement tab as an acknowledgement that they agree with the terms and conditions that have been set by the Uganda Revenue Authority.

Finally, employed TIN applicants are now required to enter their employers’ TIN then the details shall be automatically be populated. As for the TIN application services, it can still accessed under the e-service link on the URA web portal at www.ura.ug.

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