URA launches Mobile buses to enhance connectivity

URA launches Mobile buses to enhance connectivity

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has launched Mobile buses which are meant to enhance connectivity in between the tax regulatory authority and her clients.

The Mobile buses are also meant to educate the public about taxes that relate to them so as to better their performance once it comes to payment of taxes as well as to improve on the company’s tax collection.

Furthermore, the buses are meant to serve as outreach for clients who can’t easily access the URA offices especially because of the second lockdown that was imposed as a mechanism of fighting against COVID-19.

“Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has launched a tax education mobile office with two specialized mobile tax bus units to support tax education and outreach programs,” said URA’s official statement.

During the passing of the Financial year 2021/22, Minister of Finance Mr. Amos Lugoloobi resolved that implementation of new taxes would help to lessen the country’s debt burden.

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Hence mass sensitization would play a crucial role in as far as ensuring a higher turn up in the numbers of people paying taxes thanks to the fact that they would be aware of the necessity of paying taxes.

Secondly, during the lockdown when most people can hardly leave their homes to make it to the URA offices, this is a perfect time for them to always inquire and access the services of the tax regulatory authority.

Conclusively, URA’s mobile buses are an innovation that was long needed in far as boosting tax payment is concerned and also enhancing connectivity to clients.

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