UNEB, Buddo, confirm Eronda is not Namilyango College S.4 candidate

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has in writing confirmed that Eronda George William, 18, who was denied access to the examination room by Namilyango College Head Master isn’t their registered Candidate.

We flagged this candidate, among others, who are appearing in two different centres.

Namilyango College noticed the flag on their registration portal. On 26th July 2019 UNEB received a notification from Namilyango College that Eronda George was no longer their student. They requested us to transfer him to his centre.

Upon receipt of the notice, UNEB accordingly deleted him from the Namilyango records. In addition, UNEB left him under his new centre Buddo S.S where he had been registered as well.

Eronda George William is, therefore, captured under the Buddo S.S register.

We hereby confirm that this candidate no longer exists under Namilyango College, therefore he cannot sit examinations at a centre where he was deleted, neither can his results be released or traced from a centre he was deleted. UNEB noted, attaching Buddo’s portal print-out on which he appears.


Namilyango S.4 student asks court to issue arrest warrant against School Head-Teacher

In addition, Buddo S.S on 4 October 2019, wrote to the Namilyango College Head Teacher Mr. Mpuuga Constatine notifying how Eronda registered for UCE at their centre after being expelled.

The letter confirms he his registered under the index number U0763/401.

Today marks the fourth day when Eronda is missing out on sitting for his UCE exams.

On 14th October 2019, Eronda’s lawyer filed an application asking the court to issue an arrest warrant against the College’s Head Teacher Mr. Mpuuga and the Chair Board of Governor, Mr. Richard Kayondo for reportedly disobeying a court order issued by Mukono High Court deputy registrar Ms Harriet Nalukwago.

“But why insist on NAMILYANGO College? I guess there is an intent to destroy the school and the diocese image.

“I guess Eronda is soliciting for enough public pity to be able to extort money from the school later.

“There is a circuit pushing him to destroy the school. Is he thinking about his future? or his parents guide him? Is it the parents who want money from the school?” Trinity College Nabingo OG noted.

The school and Diocese are not giving the case magnitude but it is being exaggerated by Eronda’s lawyer who is not well informed.

Ever since this matter emerged the school headmaster has never come out to defend himself and it is a sign that maybe there’s no serious issue to comment on in the public.

Eronda should go to Buddo S.S and write his exams than wasting his future.

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