Underage learners escape from school to bang thsmelesves


It is really difficult to be a parent nowadays especially with the current things that children do while parents are busy trying to foot the heavy school dues.

Photos have been making rounds on social media showing a female and male student in a lodge banging themselves non-stop.

These seem to have dodged school in order to harvest each other’s forbidden fruits.

There was even no time to remove to remove their uniforms as they went ahead to chew themselves nonstop.

The only sensible thing they did was to wear protection as they rode each other like donkeys.

The girl seems to be a professional as she data and wiggled on the wire like an adult performer.

The level of horn amongst teenagers seems to be on another level especially ever since the lockdown days.

Recently netizens were shocked when two students were nabbed in a lodge red-handed feasting on themselves prior to their UNEB exams.

Others were seen riding themselves in slow motion in a chemistry lab in a full packed class.

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