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cycyclone times brings you Under my Umbrella episode 1 by lynn lynn. Kindly read and share with your friends.

At just 18, she was that beautiful girl that her mother always referred to as her little princess. Naome was a slightly tall half white,half black girl with small eyes that matched with her tiny round lips. She love reading so much the works of Charlotte Brontee, and the novel she read over and over again was Jane Eyre.

She always wondered about Janez fate…how unlucky at first she seemed to be,only later to find herself a little prince with whom she had least expected that she would ever fall in love with…Naome loved Jane,as a character,and she had to cross out the name Jane Eyre wherever it appeared and she filled ,in pencil her name Naome Banks. She had forever grown up with her mother. Never, at any one moment had she ever set her eyes on her father.

She wanted to know,the mystery behind her mother’s love story but her mother seemed to distant and uncomfortable to share it…Her nanny, whom she usually referred to as aunt was a very aged woman named Chrissy. She loved Naome as her very own and she had taken care of her ever since she was two days from her mother womb.

This new day of a Friday morning found Naome stretching in her bed and yawning endlessly. She jumped up and in her pyjamas dashed to the kitchen only to say hi to her nanny and describe to her how little snails were swimming in her little Tammy.
“Good morning sleepy head” her nanny called before Naome completely appeared in her sight and when she finally did,she wore a beautiful kind smile and hugged her nanny from behind.

” sleepy head is too hungry aunty…” She said,feigning sadness.
“Break fast almost ready…but just realized bread is done… I have to go out and buy one”…
Their supermarkets were kinda far at a distance…but Naome decided to help her nanny go look for the bread. She very well knew her mother was always against the idea of her leaving home and going out to certain shops or to visit any friends. At school,she always dropped her and picked her from there.

Miss Chrissy knew she would be risking if at all she allowed the girl to move out,but Naome begged and begged, making it clear in her nannyz face that her mother was now already at work,and she wouldn’t appear at all to find her caught up in the middle of the river.

” Cool,but be first…by 10, you must be taking your breakfast already…” Her nanny said. Naome rushed into her room,and changed into a pair of shorts and a white shirt,wore her sandals and getting the money from her nanny, she made to leave. She looked at the sky.

The nimbus clouds were moving at a steadily fast pace. Naome could tell it was about to rain.
“Her,take the umbrella…I can see you scared of the rain…” Her nanny said,handing her a very big umbrella. Stepping out of the house on her own was like stepping out of prison after 18. Whole years of being locked out…the soft winds whirled around,leaving her hair swinging in the air.
She resorted to running in her heart humming Enrique’s Number one song. Just as she reached the nearest super market,the clouds let free and heavy drops of rain started falling. Most times,when the rain used to find her in her room,she would just stare at it admirably through the window. This time around,she saw it clearly and even made to touch it. She bought the bread and walked out.

Lots of people stood by the verandah of the shops and supermarkets in shelter from the rain. Naome let free of her umbrella,and started walking away. She could tell most of those standing on the verandahs of those streets admired her. Perhaps,some had been heading for work,and yet rain couldn’t let them find it safe to walk.

As she walked down the lane, a man came running from behind her right into her umbrella. Drops of water were dripping from his head… He was very tall,that Naome appeared shorter than him. He wore a perfect smile when his eyes met with those of Naome.
” I’m sorry. But please let me have a ride with you.” The man said.
” I’m having an interview process to conduct at 10am,and yet I’m wasting a lot of time waiting for this rain to cease.”
Naome smiled him off. He picked the umbrella from her,and positioned it enough to provide shelter for both of them as they walked.
” so your work place is just near by?” Naome asked,feeling comfortable talking to the stranger walking besides her.

“Yeah,just at the end of the lane…”
” but I’m soon reaching home,and yet it still raining like as if these are the last drops we shall receive before Jesus’ second coming…
“You know Jesus?” The man asked.
“Yeah… Why?”

” Because you look to be Jesus yourself.”
“That’s total Blasphemy” Naome responded and just before she held any more conversation,she found it that they had reached at her home.
” I wish I could walk with you but I have to stop here. ”
” its okay…I’ll be okay…”

” Got an idea” Naome finally said excitedly. ” you will take the umbrella with you. Its my auntyz umbrella and she has always treasured it for the past 5 years. Take it with you…but before you do,promise to return it in the evening.”
The gentleman smiled towards Naome’s kindness. With a promise,he left off and Naome also ran home.

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