UMA bows to King Saha’s pressure and announces dates for a physical election


The Uganda Musicians Association seems to have bowed to singer King Saha’s pressure of organizing physical or ballot paper elections.

UMA’s virtual election which happened on the 6th of June flopped after the system failed. Saha and his camp also turned up at the UMA premises at National Theater where they rejected the election going on citing a number of irregularities.

UMA’s head of elections Geoffrey Ekongot suspended the election until further notice. Now a new date has been confirmed and this is 28th June 2022.

The election will be carried out via secret ballot box. And it will go down at the National Theater Gardens. For purposes of proper supervision, UMA said that they will have one voting centre in Kampala.

“Following a resolution on the 10th of June by the Uganda Musicians Association Policy Board, it was resolved that the 28th of June is the new date set for the general elections. That the elections will be held by secret ballot and the elections shall be carried out at one polling centre in Kampala for proper facilitation,” the statement partly read.

UMA further said that the reason why such an election was overlooked was because of the difficulties in transportation for some artists in Kampala.

They however decided to carry it out anyway in rlthe next two weeks so that the Association moves forward with a leadership. All the contestants have been advised to continue with campaigns and voter education.

The main battle is between King Saha and Cindy for rhe presidency who are both confident of winning the election.

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