Ugandan Slay Queens sting Kenya’s Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya

Azziad Nasenya

News making rounds on social media proves how Ugandan slay queens feel jealousy about Kenya’s Tik-Tok queen dance moves. The so-called beauty queens have come out and lashed hard at Azziad Nasenya after she did a dance challenge for Uganda’s finest singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso’s hit song dubbed Malamu.


Azziad Nasenya rocked fame after her dance video “Utawezana” went viral. This is because of her flexible waist, infectious smile, and her uniquely colored hair, however, not forgetting her awesome tummy. Azziad Nasenya had also a unique way of shaking her God gifted body which left many men in Uganda in their bathrooms during this lockdown.

Azziad has done a couple of challenges for different tracks from Uganda thus winning hearts from many Ugandans… Not forgetting her Utawezana challenge that left so many relationships in Uganda at a standstill..

According to Uganda’s beauty queens, they say that Azziad Nasenya danced offbeat and she didn’t understand the meaning of Malamu…

“But this gal it’s seems like she doesn’t know the meaning of the song,” Charity Wizzy commented.

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Malamu Official HD Audio by Pallaso [Courtesy]

“I feel like she didn’t understand the words because the dancing style didn’t match the song… However much she is flexible,, this time a big no,” Sylvia Zesaguli commented.

“This Azziad Nasenya has been dancing, dancing, dancing since the Okwonko song!! She even dances irrevantly to any song so long as people cheer at her,” Kelitu Smart commented.

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