Ugandan MP shockingly shares nudes in Mps Whatsapp group

Using social media is one tricky thing especially for the older generations who are not so conversant with these apps.

This is because in an instant, one can find themselves sharing private content unintentionally in public spaces.

This was the case for Toroma county MP Andrew Joseph Koluo who found himself in the hot seat after sharing his side dish’s nude pictures in a respectful WhatsApp group.

According to the story published by local website “The Panther”, this succulent and sassy chick bears it all for the MP.

She leaves nothing to imagination as she bears it all for the legislator.

It seems like the MP was going to her parliamentary Chambers soon to debate about her sweetness and she decided to tease him with a private members bill before he comes.

After learning that he had shared his meat accidentally, he blamed this on a hacker and threatened all those sharing these nudes.

“My account was hacked yesterday and someone posted nude pictures and not me.I have reported the matter to the relevant authorities and should you continue forwarding the same you do it at your own peril. Thanks,” Koluo posted.

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