Ugandan female singer beaten fingers on stage (watch video)

An upcoming Ugandan female singer known as Quin J dubbed Kawomela after one of her songs was given some good time by her male fans on stage.

This singer paraded her honey pot in front of the fans as she sang and these took to exploring all the walls and curves in it.

She didn’t seem to bother about what they were doing as some of them took photos of her gigantic b3an.

This is barely after songstress Sheebah Karungi decried of sexual harassment from some top male personality in the country.

This attracted widespread criticism of men who do such despicable things. However, these artists were also accused of sexually provoking these male fans yet most of them are intoxicated with unknown history of sexual abuse cases.

And this was evident with this singer who let fans poke their fingers into her sumbie.

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