Ugandan Dubai thigh vendor taught unforgettable lesson at King Saha’s concert (Video)


Sometimes we have to learn the hard way that we are not as important as we often times think and this was the case for Ugandan Nkuba kyeyo slay queen and thigh vendor Brenda Miles.

Brenda who is famous for her stage antics of always crashing stages faced it rough this time round at King Saha’s concert. As Saha was performing for fans in Dubai, Brenda attempted to get on stage and do her dirty dances and acts as usual.

Saha’s bouncers who manned the stage were however so quick and threw her off the stage. Even when she attempted to make a come back, they further shoved her away from getting close to the Biri Biri singer.

She first got so famous for stage crashing after her crazy and freakish antics during Pallaso’s concert in Dubai. She did all crazy sorts of things and the Malamu singer might have looked for her to get a taste of her after the show.

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