Uganda Under watch as US embassy Officials’ Phones get Hacked Using Pegasus spyware

Uganda Under watch as US embassy Officials' Phones get Hacked Using Pegasus spyware

Uganda has come under the spotlight following information that spies hacked into the phones of us officials working at it’s embassy in Kampala using sophisticated spyware developed by the Israel-based NSO Group.

According to reuters, the hacks, which took place in the last several months, hit U.S. officials either based in Uganda or focused on matters concerning the East African country, two of the sources said.

“NSO Group said in a statement on Thursday that it did not have any indication their tools were used but cancelled access for the relevant customers and would investigate based on the Reuters inquiry.”

NSO is a technology firm mostly known for its  Pegasus spyware which has been used to hack into various smartphones around the world including world leaders.

According to the timing of the hack, this was the time when Uganda had just concluded a highly disputed election. The country was facing serious political tensions as major opposition leader Bobi Wine challenged President Museveni’s victory.

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