Uganda receives UGX 5 billion for the Covid-19 response plan

Uganda receives UGX 5 billion for the Covid-19 response plan

Uganda has received UGX 5 billion a donation towards the Covid-19 response from the government of Denmark.

The amount is meant to be used for implementing the Covid-19 resurgence response plan through the World Health Organization that shall use the money to fund areas in critical conditions.

Furthermore more, the sum that has been donated to Uganda is also meant to be used as a mechanism to support the coordination of the deadly virus especially at district level.

Additionally,  the funds are meant to strengthen National and district condition of the COVID-19 response team, detection, reporting and response in schools and closed communities as well as strengthening of management of severe and critical cases of COVID-19.

Basing on the state Minister for Health, Hanifa Kawooya, the funds shall help greatly since the country requires approximately UGX 1.3 trillion in response to the impacts of Covid-19 for an entire year as she said;

“The grant from the Danish government is going to be a great contributor to our efforts towards managing the outbreak and vaccinating our citizens. However, we need more support when it comes to acquiring vaccines to safeguard the lives of Ugandans.”

At the signing of the grant the Head of Cooperation at the Royal Danish Embassy, Kampala,  Henrik Jespersen said he hopes the donation shall play a fundamental role in as far as reduction of infections and deaths relating to covid-19 is concerned.

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“We are optimistic that this additional financial support will contribute towards improved national and district coordination of Covid-19 responses and the lifesaving facilities will minimize avoidable Covid-19 infections and deaths,” he said.

Although the second wave seems to be coming to an end, experts warn that a third wave is likely to follow shortly after which only means the country will require more funds to recover from the situation.

Basing on statistics, the country shall still need up to UGX 800 billion even after receiving the UGX 5 billion from the government of Denmark.

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