Uganda poultry imports likely to receive another ban from Kenya

Uganda poultry imports likely to receive another ban from Kenya

Poultry traders in Kenya have cried out to their government to fasten the ban against Uganda poultry imports amidst the country’s second lockdown.

This cry out was prompted by reports from Business Daily which show that Kenyan-based dealers particularly Yo Kuku still ran business with poultry products that were being imported from Uganda.

The farmers’ mouth piece Mr. Zack Munyambu who is also director of the Kiambu Poultry Farmers’ Cooperation Association specifically told the government that local dealers are being frustrated by competition from Ugandans traders since they are under lockdown.

“Our farmers have been affected heavily by this second curfew and we need to protect them at all costs,” firmly stated Mr Munyambu.

An initial ban had been instated by the Directorate of Veterinary Services, Kenya. It put to a halt the importation of poultry and beef products so as to protect it’s farmers from their strong competitor Uganda, since the sector was already suffering the severe impact of the endless covid-19 lockdown.

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However, reports indicate that Ugandans products still find their way to the Kenyan market which has only soured the mood of Kenyan traders prompting them to run back to the government and plead that the ban be tightened.

Although this maybe hard for companies like Yo Kuku which have a presence on both the Ugandan and the Kenyan market as well as the fact that it is nearly impossible for the countries to avoid bilateral trade.

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