Uganda Police Provides Update About Bomb Blasts

Uganda Police has come out to provide an update about the twin bomb blasts that exploded in Kampala city today morning.

The force released CCTV footage showing how the bombs were masterminded and blown off killing a number of people and injuring others.

While briefing the press about these blasts, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that this explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber who died instantly.

Enanga added that the other blast was carried out by two suicide bombers on a motorcycle who also died instantly.

Enanga says that these attacks are masterminded by the ADF and are carried out in soft spots therefore people ought to be extra vigilant.

Furthermore, Enanga said that these bombs are easy to make because they can easily be made by anyone since the items to make them are sold everywhere.

6 people including 2 police officers have been confirmed dead.

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