Uganda Launches Clinical Trials For COVID-19 Plasma Treatment

Uganda Launches Clinical Trials For COVID-19 Plasma Treatment

The ministry of health has launched a randomized clinical trial for the use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) for the treatment of COVID-19 in Uganda.

Convalescent plasma is found in the blood of individuals who have recovered from an infection. In addition, and it may contain antibodies against that infection.


“Today is an exciting day for me and everyone involved in the COVID-19 response. In addition, as we launched the clinical trial involving the use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19 in Uganda,” Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng said.

The trial will determine the efficacy of convalescent plasma in treating COVID-19 according to the ministry of health.

“We are at phase IV of the outbreak. This means we have widespread community transmission. All our efforts are geared towards mitigation and use of CCP is one part of our strategies” Aceng said.

She has also appealed to the patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to continue giving plasma.

In attendance was the head Makerere University Lung Institute, Dr. Bruce Kirenga who said 186 recovered COVID-19 patients willingly consented to participate in the blood donation but only 162 qualified.

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“The donors came from all parts of Uganda except Karamoja region, where there was no COVID-19 infection at the time” he added.

Meanwhile, there is emerging evidence from different countries around the world to support the use of Convalescent plasma in the treatment of COVID-19, especially among severe and critical forms.

In conclusion, we urge the general public to stay vigilant and keep a social distance. This will therefore help curb the widespread of the virus.

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