UACE: How to check for your results 2018

In this article, we show you how you can greatly check for your son’s or daughter’s UACE results. The Minister of State for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo, announced on Thursday, February 28, the results of the Uganda Advanced Examination Certificate (UACE) at the President’s Office, Kampala.

Dan Odongo, the Executive Secretary of UNEB, states that those who will not be able to go to school and collect the results will access them the use of SMS or online.

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“Anyone wishing to access the results can do so through their mobile phones. Go to the message menu and type” UACE “, leave space, enter the appropriate candidate index number and send it to 6600.”

Cyclone Times offers you a simple and hustle-free SMS service that will allow candidates to verify and access their results. In addition, this is the official procedure put across by the Ministry of Education and Sports. To access the service, a user must simply send a text message from a mobile phone to code number 6600.

To create a valid SMS, users must enter a prescribed keyword followed by their index number and send the SMS to 6600. The user should immediately receive the test results or registration details. Each SMS sent to 6600 has a cost of 500/= in the Airtel and MTN networks, so users should make sure they have enough credit on their phones.

UNEB states that the SMS service is voluntary. Detailed instructions and examples are shown in the following table. Use the following guide, for example, enter UACE, space, your index number and send it to 6600. For example UACE U1016 / 502 REG4 space Index number, for example, REG4 U1016 / 502.


A total of 99,672 students enrolled at UACE 2018 of which 53,359 are men and 41,313 women from 2,217 centers across the country.

The details of the meeting, however, remained unknown to the media. The number of candidates enrolled in UACE 2018 was reduced by 2,335 compared to 102,007 candidates who participated in the UACE exams in 2017.

Of the candidates registered for 2018, the government-sponsored candidates are 18,550 (of which 12,577 men and 5,973 women), while the private candidates are 81,122 (including 45,782 men and 35,340 women).

UACE arrives at a time when students and parents expected results with boring breaths. Finally, the Cyclone Times team is more than ready and will give you all the details about the results during the day.

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