Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel’s FULL VIDEO – Exposes his small cassava

Lwasa Emmanuel video spills all Dianah Nabatanzi

As Ugandans and social media in-laws are busy mourning the late Deputy Inspector of Police Major General Paul Lockech, Diana Nabatanzi’s Ex-boyfriend Masaka Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel’s video has caused traffic on social media platforms. Well just a quick one, Lwasa Emmanuel’s relationship with BBS TV’s Dianah Nabatanzi ended in premium tears thus developing hard feelings and marrying off another beauty queen Angel to hurt Nabatanzi. In this, he went on to release some dirty tapes where we saw a look-alike of Dianah which he himself confirmed to social media in-laws that it was Diana in the video.

“I told you that someday these things would leak and you took me for granted. I watched the video and surely it’s her [Diana Nabatanzi]. I know her because Atela Okugwa Ensimbu when she is super h0rny. Additionally, if I was still in love with her, I swear to God, I would have fainted. ,” Lwasa said.

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He also went ahead and promised to release more tapes if Dianah spoke anything about him. However, it seems the hunter is now the hunted as a hot video of him completely naked has gone viral this evening on different socials.

According to the video, Emmanuel Lwasa is seen slaying on the bed while exposing small cassava. This is something that has annoyed social media in-laws who have been yarning to take on his cassava.

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