Top 10 Richest Kids In Uganda 2021 – Latest Updated List

Rajiv Ruparelia

Our news team has compiled for you a list of the top 10 Richest Kids In Uganda after doing thorough research. Glamour, riches, and fame are the words we can use best to describe them. They are easily spotted among a crowd of people, yes that is true my dear reader. The luxurious cars they drive, the numerous fashion weeks the girls attend and the countless first-class flights the boys make out of the country to posh places just to relax and let off some steam is mind-blowing.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Richest Kids In Uganda who have really set themselves high above in the sky, yes those ones who are carrying the banner of glamour and fame up in the Ugandan atmosphere. Here is your countdown for the top ten richest kids in UG.

#10 Lucy Bunyenyezi

Top 10 Richest Kids In Uganda 2021 - Latest Updated List
Lucy Bunyenyezi

This gorgeous la belle, daughter to Ezra Bunyenyezi is known to many because of her high sense of fashion that she completely displays on her instagram account. She is an actress, model and blogger who received most of her education in London. Her father is the founder of the Uganda Travel Bureau hence giving her a firm foundation to build her career.

#09 Nataliey Patricia Bitature

Nataliey Patricia Bitature
Nataliey Patricia Bitature

She is the daughter to Patrick and Carol Bitature. She completed her education in England to become a very successful entrepreneur. She later turned to work as the chief business development officer for Tateru properties Uganda. She is also respected across the continent because of her environmentally friendly Musana cart that saves about 2500 to 3000 tonnes of carbon emissions hence conserving good health and environmental conditions.

#08 Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi

Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi
Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi

She is the mastermind behind Bond Kampala which is an award winning retail outlet based in Kampala. Her business mind is a thing she probably inherited from her open minded mother who is also a prominent business woman herself. Nunu grew up in a wealthy family, her father Joshua Mugyenyi being a former governor of the Bank Of Uganda supported her in her different business ventures hence her entrepreneurial journey.

#07 Gloria Wavamunno

Top 10 Richest Kids In Uganda 2021 - Latest Updated List
Gloria Wavamunno

Many of us have huge passion for classy fashions but a few of us have the bravery to embark on a journey to improve fashion trends on the globe. Well Gloria is one of the few people who embarked on that journey. She is the founder of Konnect Africa which is a very sensational fashion label that promotes African designs. She has also been to fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Johannesburg.

#06 Haruna Mwanga

Haruna Mwanga
Haruna Mwanga

Not much is known about this young man since he likes to keep a low profile of himself, but what we know is that he is Muwanga Kibirige’s assistant and right hand man. The most we can say is he has earned a great fortune for himself if he can appear on this list.

#05 Alexander Saleh

Alexander Saleh
Alexander Saleh

This is the son of a man who needs no introduction. Alexander is the first born son to Gen Salim Saleh and nephew to the President hence possessing enough wealth to be the youngest Ugandan to ever own an airline in the 90s. He also a classy guy with great love for cars thus his fleet of posh cars. He is a renowned business man in Kampala and also a farmer.

#04 Liz Kakooza

Top 10 Richest Kids In Uganda 2021 - Latest Updated List
Liz Kakooza

She is the daughter to the Inspector General of Government Justice Irene Mulyangonja. She as per no serves as the curate for Kampala Hub. She also founded and is heading the Tumaini Foundation that is focused on addressing the mental crisis through improving health care services since they are on the frontline of addressing the problem.

#03 Prince Jjunju Kiwewa

Prince Jjunju Kiwewa

The first born son to the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II unlike other royals is a care free man having shaken himself off the bonds of cultural bonds and norms. Actually he is a big fan of parties and this is evident by the way he celebrates his lavish birthday parties with lots of exquisite dishes, huge parties and also tours around the palace.

#02 Siki Kigongo

Siki Kigongo

She is the first of the two gorgeous daughters of NRM vice chairman Al Hajji Moses and Uganda National Chamber of Commerce boss Olive Zaitun Kigongo. She has got a huge love for cosmetics hence founding the Amagara skincare which bases on mostly body lotions, shampoos and organic hair oil products.

#01 Rajiv Ruparelia

Rajiv Ruparelia

He does top the list of the Richest Kids In Uganda 2021. Yes my folks he is the one, the son of Uganda’s finest and richest man Sudhir Ruparelia. Rajiv has earned himself a fortune through the Ruparelia family business that he is destined to proclaim, he is now managing part of the business which includes real estate, education sectors, and the hospitality zone.

Article written by Daniel Cik Rwotomiyo

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