Things Are Not Rosy In Flavia Tumusiime And Andrew Kabuura’s Marriage

Despite muting the cheating allegations of husband Andrew Kabuura a few months ago, things don’t seem rosy in the marriage of media personality Flavia Tumusiime.

The Capital FM radio presenter has numerously indirectly ardressed this saga with her husband.

While doing one of her weekly radio programs, Flavia said that she wishes to be taught by those people who are madly in love.

She added that she feels those people who love so hard have no regrets at all in their relationships.

“I wish to be taught how to love 150%…please those who are so much in love..please teach me..I feel like those who love wholly have no regrets and I want to give my all,” Flavia said.

Flavia’s husband Andrew Kabuura who is the NTV Press Box host rocked the media a few months ago with his cheating scandals.

Neither him nor Flavia came out to address this issue publicly and it soon withered out.

Flavia remained calm during this whole saga even growing her motivational speaking brand the more.

It however seems that things might not be blissful in paradise as she pretends to be.

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