“They want to kill me from here” – Bryan White cries out during Bad black and Kasuku visit

Bryan White

Cyclone times readers know an inch-perfect story about the full Bryan White story. However, for those that have just joined us, I will give you a ball of thread about the slim Don’s troubles.

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Kirumira Brian who most of us know as Bryan white well known for splashing loads of money. In addition and owning the famous Bryan White foundation, it helped a lot of celebrities and Ugandans but later landed the pencil-sized Don (white) into trouble. This was after some of his former employees or workers accused him of sexual harassment.

A number of girls came out and accused Bryan White of harassing them sexually by having s3x with them in groups against their wills. Therefore these claims led to the Ugandan Parliament to call a hearing from Brian himself. However, before he could even set a foot into the legislator’s house, a deadly sickness hit him. In addition, this has kept him bedridden up to date.

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Surprising, right!?? Yeah, this has made most Ugandans think that Kirumira Brian alias Brian White is faking illness but before one can pull doubts to that, Brian was discharged from Nakassero Home of sick people including treatment and labor because it was becoming expensive for him to pay over 1 million Ugandan shillings every day just to spend a night at the facility and as we speak he lies in the sitting of his large mansion.

Bryan White back home from Nakasero Hospital
Kasuku and Bryan White at Nakasero Hospital

It is at this place that the famous body vendor Bad Black went to pay her old friend Bryan White a visit and what she thought were rumors were actually true stories and in a recorded video, she sobbed a bit.


“My fellows, today I’ve come to visit Jaja Mwami Bryan White who is very sick and his veins can’t even be seen anymore, they just search for them. In general, the situation that is here Ugandans, you need to see it,” she started and even introduced a one Kasukuu who is a radio presenter at Dembe FM but also doubles as a spokesperson for the sick Bryan White.

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Bad black said she thought Brian was just suffering from a simple illness but that it was at that time that she realized her Jaja Mwami was really ill and she confirmed it through the video asserting that he indeed was very sick and was just from receiving injections and that he was also on oxygen.

She then expressed her affection and respect for Bryan White saying;
“Jaja Mwami (Bryan White) we love you so much, some of us can’t forget you and where you brought us from plus the things you helped us with in our lives and in fact, I pray for you Jaja Mwami, may the almighty God heal you,” she articulated in a crying tone.

Bad Black COVID-19 advert
Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black

While crying she added, “We pray to the almighty God to help you get through this successfully because some of us can’t forget where you brought us from, helping my mom and everything you did for me since 2016 when the world had turned against me Jaja Mwami. I pray that you win this battle when everyone wants you dead, I want you to come through this Jaja Mwami.”

In the same video that showed a feeble Bryan White lying helpless and tired, he was able to speak up in front of the camera too with Namuyimba Sharon alias Bad black assuring him the whole world was watching and listening.

“I think these men want to kill me from here,” Bryan white murmured and this forced Kasuku to ask him “You wanted to do what?” because he had not heard what Brian white had said earlier.

“The men want to kill me from here, I even have the photos when people have entered my house, they want to kill me from here. They removed guards from me and ordered us to register security companies’ guards, I told them no, Why would you do that? Bryan white narrated in a shaky voice.

“People always thought that the security people I had been given were a show-off thingie but I did for these guys things I can not even speak of that they had failed to accomplish and now these police officers of theirs felt jealous and now the men want to kill me from this side.

The man I used to work for (President Museveni) is now the one that is quiet, do you hear? But at least he should help me and throw me in Nairobi and I find a way even if he doesn’t pay anything and I help my self because I can help my self but why do I have to die like a Dog, ” he added.
” I die like a dog, as they conjoin different cases on me but what kind of country is this we are moving in?” he asked as he pulled his handkerchief over his watery eyes.

It’s at this juncture that Bad Black raised her voice once again and asked the President of Uganda to help Bryan White. In addition, and allow him to fly to Nairobi for Medical care because with reports that his blood samples had been taken to the United Kingdom, that didn’t seem to be enough.

She further said that this was one of the reasons she even left NRM for People Power Movement because its better to be with a poor Bobi Wine than a rich person who can’t even help you.
Great things end in a hot way, keep with us and we shall drop you the stories you need to know every day but please join hands and pray for Bryan White.

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