The Stranger I met in a Taxi part 5

the stranger i met in a taxi

The Stranger I met in a Taxi part 5

I blocked him on all the social media platforms and blacklisted him too. I was feeling so ashamed of him. Now looked at him as the worst person iv ever met in life. After a week, I shifted from Bweyogere to Mukono since I didn’t want him to come knocking on my door ever again.

My room now was better than the other. Charles had made me realize myself. He had made me realize that I was in a position to live a better life than I thought I would live. And definately, I was now in a self-contained room. The first time I met my landlady, she claimed she had seen me somewhere which wasn’t right.

To me, her face was very new as a newborn baby. I started a new life. I could no longer look around in a taxi for him since I could board Mukono straight. Then one day, I decided to check into my blacklist only to find there a lot of messages and calls from Charles. Messages like, ” please love, why do this to me, why desert me as such a moment ?’. ” My dear Lynn, find a gap in your heart to forgive me, I did all that I did out of love.

” Lynn, I came to your house and the little kid that brought me there once told me that u had left, Baby why?”. And the latest, which was one day back was like ” hny, iv tried so, much to find u, to plead to u, to make u accept me back but UV hardened your heart. Per now, I dunno what to do without you, life ain’t moving on well but as they say, what doesn’t kill makes stronger…I know I will heal, and I will move on, I only pray to find someone who is like you. wish u the very best”.

This hurt me now… did he mean he was now also going to move on? I sat down and thought of him, I thought of the lady who would now replace me, the kind of life she would receive, the kind of love and care she would receive from him… I started feeling envious. Called myself stupid, stupid for getting pissed over such a small thing, stupid, for walking away from the man who had loved me with all his heart. It was very stupid.

Slept that night cursing myself. The next day, which was a Sunday, I woke up to go to church, and pray to God to show me the way. As I walked out of the compound, I heard a voice behind me. A voice I had for so long missed in life. God!!!! it was Charles. Lynn! he exclaimed and ran into my arms. it was like the first time he had hugged me… I felt the same.

“Lynn… I am happy to see you.” ” what are u doing here?” I asked ‘ You rent at my sister’s. these are my sister’s rentals. Had come to check on her, as life was becoming too hard for me”. We were back in each other’s arms. so, this is where destiny had led me once again! to him. after a few months, Charles and I got married at Christ the King church.

I made sure to send a wedding invitation to my ex… Although I didn’t see him anywhere at the wedding, neither at the reception which we held at Ggaba beach. His sister was right, she had seen me at my late mother-in-law’s burrial…but as for me by that time, my mind had been focused on how Charles was.

A month after our wedding, I was sitting in the main room, sipping a cup of coffee since I pretended to feel heavy with what was inside me yet I actually felt normal when Charles came and blindfolded me. “Charles, who else can it be now?” he came in front of me, took the cup of coffee from me and rested it on a small table. ” who else could be, love? I tell u who? he smiled. just loved the sight of his dimples. ” the stranger u met in a taxi.”

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4 Thoughts to “The Stranger I met in a Taxi part 5”

  1. Fifi N

    Finally my Lynn got her Charles back, it was so interesting.
    Dhikusoka Brain you’re superb, keep writing we need more.
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks, Fifi N for appreciating, Don’t forget to share with your friends and family members. Keep checking for more latest stories posted.

      Kind regards,
      D. Brian

  2. Naster Claris

    I have seriously loved “my stranger” story.
    Salute you my dear the Author this story seems so real, most especially to those of us who boad taxis on Jinja road. It has really been an amazing story
    I named it “MY STRANGER’S STORY”
    Keep up that spirit of writing.
    Lots of love from me.
    I think I can now sleep peacefully, coz lately I could not sleep before getting the update on my story.
    We need more plizzz….. thank u in advance.

    1. Thanks for following….We appreciate you motivate our writers to serve you more with other quality amazing stories

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