The Stranger I met in a Taxi part 4

the stranger i met in a taxi

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I got my wall mirror, and sat infront of it, trying to make a slight inspection of my body as to whether it had been tampered with in any way but didnt find anything. but which man for real… and why was his number off! God, why would this happen to me? how could I have been this cheap! at around midday, a phone call came in, I rushed towards my phone.

It was Charles calling. I picked but never said anything. ” aaahhhh….Lynn…baby am sorry iv been off… u must have got scared…but I am not what u think iam. im really in love with you Lynn. I will pass by your place in the evening to see u so that we can talk. ” he went off.

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I smiled through my tears, I laughed through my sadness, I rejoiced through my grief. and before I could realize, the evening was alreadfy here… And so was Charles. “Did anything happen last night? ” I asked him. He got hold of my right hand and stared straight in my eyes. ” I loved u from the very first day u sat beside me…and couldnt figure out the best way to be your friend lynn. but believe me, you, I didnt do anything to u last night.

Nothing happened between us Lynn.” I gave out a sigh of relief but wasn’t so sure as to whether what he was telling me was the whole truth. “are u sure?” I asked. he begged me to trust him….” last night, u fell asleep in my arms, and just after a few minutes, I received a phone call from my little sister telling me my mother is sick and she had been rushed to Mulago.

I left immediately and within the course, my battery gamed. am sorry I would have left u a message.” He looked sad.. and wished I could offer him the best shoulder to lean on. ” How is she now?” I asked “I left when there is some hope. I hope she will be well, but I just wanted to ask u to be with me as I visit her this evening”. Didn’t reject, that evening, Charles and I went to Mulago and checked on his mother.

Sadly, the next day, she passed on. I missed work. Attended the burial but every after a few minutes, he came to check on me. After burial, I stayed around and help his relatives with some other proper arrangements. you just cant imagine how happy he was. Days turned into weeks, weeks into the month, and just after a year of us dating, Charles proposed to me on valentine’s day.

I couldn’t hesitate into saying yes…” You’re my mom Lynn, cant pay u anything more than marrying u”. A tear dropped out of my left eye and he dried it off. wasnt sure whether it was a tear of joy. ” I want to take u home. I wanna show u something” he told me. We walked home silently. thoughts of my ex came rushing back to me, the way he had left me, the way he had cursed me that I could never find a real man to marry me just because I had insulted the bitch he had cheated me on….

We got to Charles’ house. ” promise me, Lynn, that u won’t leave me after seeing what u gonna see”. This was scaring me now, but whatever it was, I wasn’t going to leave my Charles. ” look at that table, and see whether u can recognize anything” I looked, more closely, I moved forward, my lips fell open and I stared at Charles, speechless. “That’s my purse and phone Charles. how did they get here?” suprise was all lined across my face. ” Don’t tell me you…” he didn’t allow me to finish.

He covered me up in his arms and I pulled myself away. ” I did it because I wanted to find my way into your life Lynn, please understand”. Rushed to where the purse was. I opened, all my money was still there. “You’re so evil…I hate u… Why would u do this to me?” I walked out of his house, and the dream, the dream I had had about him came back ringing in my head. What did it mean? who was Charles? until now, I am still figuring out the whole truth…

But this thing is just beyond my understanding. the stranger I met in a taxi, the stranger who had become my friend, the stranger with whom I had dinner with, the same stranger who had given me a reason to fall in love again. this stranger, who had taken my phone and gave me a better one, the stranger who had spent on me much more money than what I had in my purse… It was the same stranger I had met in a taxi.. the same stranger I had now walked away from…

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