The man is mine- Kulthum Muzaata brags about stealing someone’s man

Dr Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata has come out to brag about how she’s in love with her new man known as Akram.

Kulthum and Akram got married over the weekend in an Islamic marriage known as ‘Kuwowa’.

However, a certain Ugandan lady known as Tasha from South Africa came out to allege how this man Kulthum got married to was her fiance.

She added that he even stole 20M shillings from her which he used to marry Kulthum.

Kulthum has however come out to say that the man is hers and the rest should look for better things to do.

“Everyone should know that I’m the one with the man and I’m not letting go of Akram. He’s mine alone. That 20m shillings being cried for is so little for me. It doesn’t befit me,” an excited Kulthum said.

Akram also denied knowing this woman saying that even 20m can’t marry such a beautiful and classy woman like Kulthum.

“Who is Tasha? I don’t know anything about her. Besides 20M shillings is peanuts compared to a woman like Kulthum. People should know that she’s now mine and I’m hers,” Akram said.

It should be recalled that Muzaata died over a year ago.

However, a woman is allowed to get married again just after 4 months from her husband’s death in Islam.

If the woman has a child with the late husband, she’s allowed to keep staying in the marital home.

Many have however labeled Akram as a love nigga (mufere wa love) who will live Kulthum shedding ocean tears after chewing her left and right.

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