Tears flow as Robinah Kisti’s marriage shockingly ends


TV presenter Robinah Nambooze more known as Robinah Kisti is nursing a broken heart after her marriage with hubby Mark Asiimwe ended in tears.

She took to her Snapchat stories to reveal how she couldn’t tolerate the marriage anymore.

The former NTV presenter decided that the best for her was to toss away the marriage and move on.

She’s however grateful to God for the lessons picked up and she’s now single and not searching at all.

“I guess it ended in tears! There is just someshit I can’t take! We live and we learn, thank you God for this lesson and new chapter. Single and not searching,” she wrote on Snapchat.

Kisti and Asiimwe last year in November made their relationship legal after she introduced him to her parents home.

An excited Kisti then said that the Kwanjula and wedding would take place in 2022.

She said that she wanted to wait for her siblings who live in London to fly in such that it would be a memorable day for the family.

“My wedding and Kwanjula will happen next year, summer time because my close family, all my sisters live in London and they have to be there of course. I cannot hold a wedding or Kwanjula without them and they have kids so we have to get the best time,” Kisti revealed back then.

The two have seemed to be pretty happy with each other according to their social media activities.

It’s therefore shocking to see that it has ended in tears.

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