Team Pinky dominates social media, Team Icha & Zoya left in Tears

Team Pinky dominates social media, Team Icha & Zoya left in Tears

If you love watching soaps, then I am pretty sure you have a soap dubbed ” A Wife’s Revenge” most-watched by Team Pinky. This airs on Spark TV every Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 PM to 9.50 PM. This kind of soap attracted massive numbers of slay queens and social media in-laws who are are soaps addicts… However this raised competition with other soaps that air on other Television channels, for example, Uttaran on bukedde Tv… In addition and beyadh which also airs on bukedde Tv…

According to a social media campaign that we ran last week on our Facebook page showed that Team Pinky of A Wife’s Revenge is the most loved soap in Uganda.

A Wife’s Revenge is a Chinese Drama following the sad story of Pinky who falls down from a perfect life with a handsome husband to be the victim of a succession of betrayals and humiliations which lead her to step up and get revenge.

Pinky and Jack looks like the perfect couple. Jack comes from a wealthy family and Pinky is a kind-hearted woman. But they struggle with a relationship which is gradually failing since they are unable to conceive. Moreover, Pinky has to face the hatred of her evil mother-in-law who resents her for not giving her a grand-child.

Things take another turn when Pinky’s best friend, Jenny, comes back from France with her son who turns out to be Jack’s child and she’s ready to do everything it takes to get him back, even if it means breaking Pinky’s heart.

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