Tanzanian, Diamond Platinums dumped again

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is now becoming a dumping material for every hot girl around. Diamond since was dumped by his kids mother Zari Hassan last year as a result of behaving like is the only bull in Africa has been disturbed by relationships like a wandering ship on a sea.

Tanzanian video vixen and socialite Tunda Kisura has become a tiger Diamond’s mind making him spending sleepless night as she jumps over with other guys.

Currently, Tunda has decided to publicize her relation with a Tanzanian TV presenter called Casto Dickson as the two lovebirds are still in Zanzibar for a love vacation sharing love and romance via their social media pages.

Tunda decided to take it to her social media and posted some of the photos bearing a provocative caption;

“It’s not being in Love that makes me happy!It is the person that am in love with…..”


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