Tanzania releases Covid-19 patients’ statistics for the first time in over a year

President of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan

Over a year, Tanzania has released Covid-19 statistics for the first time under the reign of President Samia Hassan Suluhu.

While addressing media at the Dar es Salaam based State House, the President confirmed that in deed the population has a total of 100 people confirmed to have contracted Covid-19 of which 70 are in critical condition.

During the reign of fallen President, John Pombe Magufuli, the president has ruled out the possibility of covid-19 cases in the country stating that there was no covid in his country hence while other countries were under lockdown, Tanzania had business going on as usual.

However, President Samia confirmed that while the world was battling with the third wave of Covid-19, Tanzania was no exception since it had also recorded a total of 100 Covid-19 victims with 70 in critical conditions.

“About 70 are on ventilators,” she said while updating the public on the Covid-19 statistics within the country.

The last time Tanzania ever announced the Covid-19 statistics was in May last year and since then they seemed to have resumed a normal life without acknowledging the presence of the world pandemic.

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But since the death of President Magufuli, President Hassan has decided to take a different approach to the situation seeing as she decided to make a public announcement of the presence of the virus.

Right after being sworn into power, the President disclosed that it became her sole aim to ensure that she adopts to global mechanism of addressing the pandemic which she has done to the dot.

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