Take back Rema’s shoes – Fans sting Kenzo on social media – PHOTOS

Eddy Kenzo

Social media is on a high hype after Edrisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo shared current photos of him on his page. Eddy Kenzo is staying in Ivory Coast and thus he uses his social media platforms to update his fans about his life. However, it’s not all positive this time around for him as his own fans bashed him for stealing Rema’s shoes.

Fortebet Uganda

According to the new photos Edrisa Musuza shared, he has developed a belly, and also he has gained weight. Therefore some have come out to claim that Rema was stressing the Kaana Kambata.

“Haaaa Eddie Kenzo, you are eating well in Ivory Coast… . Nga onyilide sebo. Wama kyilabika REMA yeyali akulemesa no kutekako akanyama. Kati tulaba Maya ne Amal jebajja a matama. Try and be stress free and adapt to the country kuba engeli kaboyi jatutwalamu uganda, oyinza okunda mwaka gujja,” a Kenzo diehard commented.

Eddy Kenzo

Hmm, I won’t talk about his dress code, however, what fans were surprised by the shoes he put. In addition, these rushed to his comment section ad told him to take back his Ex-girlfriend’s shoes.

Eddy Kenzo

” Obugatoo bwa rema waduuka nabwo iyiiii paapa,” a fan bashed Kaana Kambata.


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