APass Tells Ugandans to Vote Bobi Wine As President For a better Uganda

Vote Bobi Wine As President For a better Uganda - A Pass Tells Ugandans

Singer APass has urged all Ugandans with brains to go out in big/large numbers on the 14th of January and vote for Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine as the 10th president of Uganda for a new and better Uganda. According to APass, he believes Uganda right now needs a leader who is willing to serve the people of…

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People Power Movement Extends Nomination Deadline

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi

Following the declaration of the election management committee on 30th-June-2020 at the People Power Movement headquarters in Kamwokya, the committee started issuing nomination forms to interested candidates at various levels whose deadline has been today Friday 17th-July-2020. However, the political pressure group has been forced to postpone the deadline by 14 days to Friday 31st-July-2020. Speaking to the media, the…

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