Sheila bounces back with “God’s Plan & Gash Lounge” TV show

her new show God's Plan & Gash Lounge

News reaching us this evening shows Sheilah C Gashumba has announced her new show God’s Plan & Gash Lounge. In addition, just 4days after nemesis Robin Kisti announced hers “Kisti’s Lounge”. Sheila vowed never to return on TV unless it was her own TV show because she was tired of earning peanuts. Meanwhile, for more details about this story, follow…

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Ugandans spreading Hate for profit

Tina Fierce and Sheilah Gashumba

There is a thin line between freedom of speech a constitutional right and hate speech. Ugandans online are clearly yet to understand the distinction between the two. “You are free to swing your fists in front of my face all you want as long as you do not hit me”. This statement best fits your right to freedom of speech.…

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