Sheila bounces back with “God’s Plan & Gash Lounge” TV show

her new show God's Plan & Gash Lounge

News reaching us this evening shows Sheilah C Gashumba has announced her new show God’s Plan & Gash Lounge. In addition, just 4days after nemesis Robin Kisti announced hers “Kisti’s Lounge”. Sheila vowed never to return on TV unless it was her own TV show because she was tired of earning peanuts. Meanwhile, for more details about this story, follow…

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Frank Gashumba Roars Back At Tina Fierce

Frank Gashumba

Following the recent buzz of events between the Sheila Gashumba camp and Tina Fierce who single-handedly attacked each of them from Sheilah, Frank Gashumba her dad, and her muscular boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s plan, there is a clear lining and concrete evidence that the Gashumba’s are having their reven. First, the Sheilah Gashumba camp got Tina Fierce’s show Sqoop…

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