Bobi Wine’s allegations are baseless and unfounded – NBS TV Roars

NBS Television

NBS Television has today rubbished Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s allegations of conspiracy and bias in the 2021 election reporting on our part. In a letter written by Desire Derekford Mugumisa, Head of PR and Communications stated that the allegations are baseless and unfounded. “NBS Television has a greater purpose to ALWAYS serve Uganda first with objectivity, and uphold professionalism through fair…

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NBS TV’s Kayz is very unprofessional – BigEye StarBoss

NBS TV's Kayz is very unprofessional - BigEye StarBoss

Faded artist BigEye StarBoss has furiously come out and lashed at NBS TV’s presenter Lord Kayz for his unprofessional conduct. In addition, during his show dubbed Uncut Sabula which broadcasts every Saturday at 7:40 pm on NBS TV. Ibrahim Mayanja alias BigEye was yesterday the 8th of August hosted in the Studios of NBS to talk about the leaked audio…

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Did NBS TV Fire Zahara Totto? Find out the truth quickly

Zahara Totto

Cyclone Times Uganda news team digs deeper into Zahara Totto’s issues. In addition, the reasons why the Gossip field marshal entertainer Zahara Totto no longer appears for the UNCUT show with her co-host Annatalia Oze. A few weeks back, Zahara was replaced by a one Kayz to work alongside Anatalia Oze during their famous TV show dubbed “UNCUT KALAKARA”. This,…

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Whole truth why Karitas Karisimbi walked away from a live show

Karitas Karisimbi

Cyclone Times-News team has compiled for you the whole truth why Karitas Karisimbi walked away from a live show. There is a heated debate all over social media platforms why NXT radio’s Karitas Karisimbi walked off a live show. Evidence reaching our news desk indicates that Karitas Karisimbi felt bullied by Co-host Ronnie MacVex during a heated topic. Therefore this…

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Brian White warns NBS’ Uncut presenters and promoter Balaam

Brian White

Ugandan City socialite Brian White has issued a bitter warning to NBS’ UNCUT Kalakata presenters Anatalia Oze and Zahara Totto. This comes after they aired out a video of a certain girl called Stella Nandawula being torturedand sexually harrassed by Brian White. However, Brian confirmed to Cyclone Times that Stella Nandawula was at a birthday party yesterday. “I want to…

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King of the Mic MC Kats – I used to earn 20K per show

King of the Mic Mc Kats

King of the Mic MC Kats has come out to give his side of the story about Sheila Gashumba’s reaction to the salaries paid to TV presenters. King of the Mic MC Kats alias Edwin Katamba has revealed he used to earn 20K per show on WBS TV. Therefore, he used to earn 80K per month. This comes after Sheila…

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Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DVJ Mercy Pro & DJ Roja’s salaries exposed

Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats

There has been a debate about how much NBS pays the After 5 team made up of Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DJ Roja, and DVJ Mercy Pro. This geared up after Frank Gashumba exposed NTV Uganda yesterday at 5.00 pm while doing his Facebook Live in a way of defending his daughter. In addition, his daughter Sheila Gashumba was bashed…

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Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze fired from NBS TV

Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze

Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze fans got a stun of their lives when their typical time to tune in for every day. In addition, most inclining show UNCUT Kalakata which pretense on Sanyuka Television a backup of neighborhood TV, NBS Television. Also, as they hung tight for the tattle team on set futile. This occurred in a period where nobody…

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Nagirinya : Police releases CCTV Video showing suspect

The Uganda Police Force has released CCTV video of one of the suspects in the murder of Maria Nagirinya. Nagirinya was kidnapped and later recovered dead in Mukono district. However, the video which is set in photographic format, the suspect is wearing a white shirt, a red coat and a cap on his head. He is of a dark skin complexion.…

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