Kenzo in tears after Uganda extends her lockdown for another 21 days

Kenzo Eddy

While addressing the nation today, President Museveni has added another 21 days on the Lockdown in Uganda. The previous Lockdown was meant to end today on the 14th of April 2020. However, due to the spread of COVID-19 around the Country and neighboring countries, the next 21 days of the Lockdown start tomorrow. This has forced many people to come…

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Eddy Kenzo Festival 2020 to happen on 28th of March

Eddy Kenzo festival - Sitani Talina Maanyi (Amiina)

Enormous Talent manager Eddy Kenzo as of late required a press preparation. In addition, and astonished the media that normal he was reporting his standard yearly show. However, yet rather declared he would hold the Eddy Kenzo Festival. It is the first of its sort from a Ugandan artist. A celebration is a throughout the day occasion that cuts across…

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Malayika w’okufa bwakukyalira oyogera ebitakwatagaana – Kenzo yewozezaako

Oluvanyuma lw’omuyimbi Spice Diana okwatula lwatu Ku mpewo za Spark TV NTV ku lw’okubiri lwa wiiki eno nti yafuna obubonera 32 seniya mu ey’omukaaga , abantu bangi kuba na Uganda batandiika okumugerageranya n’omuyimbi wa ” Sitamina” Eddy Kenzo. Kenzo gyebuvuddeko yategeeza abantu engeri gyebayinza okuterekamu ssente, wabula nga yabyogera mu ngeri yakifuula nnenge. Era naye bweyali mukutu gwa TV emu,…

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Here is Kenzo’s Reaction to Comparison with Spice Diana’s ’32 – confusion’

It can be recalled that Kenzo was caught in almost similar scenario when he said you can save 5,000 from a salary of 4,000 Shillings. After the Anti Kale singer Spice Diana’s NTV and Spark television interview in which she blundered, and said she had scored 32 points at A-level, many people started comparing her to Eddy Kenzo. Many claimed…

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