Bebe Cool surprises Jose Chameleone on his birthday

Bebe Cool Surprises Chameleone

Bebe Cool has surprised Joseph Mayanja on his birthday with an amazing gift from his wife Zuena. Jose Chameleone is celebrating his birthday for the 41st time since he was born. However, guess what, these two have been been on the parallel due to a number of reasons. “I am really surprised to see Moses Sali pay me a visit…

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Jose Chameleone to lose his Facebook page on his birthday

Jose Chameleone

Is Jose Chameleone losing his Facebook page on his birthday? Find out HERE Jose Chameleone received a warning from Facebook that he likely to lose his Facebook page for allegedly spreading fake news about COVID-19. Not so long ago, Facebook issued warnings to different publishers against publishing fake news about COVID-19. In addition to seeking page likes, comments, and shares.…

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