“Utawezana trended before the arrival of Azziad Nasenya”- Femi One


Utawezana singer Femi One has bitterly argued out that her song with Mejja was already trending before the arrival of Azziad Nasenya. The Kenyan Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya became more famous after her Tik-Tok video of Utawezana trended all over social media networks. In addition, the video went viral because of her amazing and attractive dance movements which left many…

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VIDEO – Truth behind Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya video

Azziad Nasenya

Yesterday, 21st April 2020, false information was all over social media and the internet showing a certain video of the Tik-Tok queen. Remember, a few days ago, Azziad Nasenya has been making rounds of fame all over social media platforms. In addition, because of her Tik-Tok video while dancing to Femi and Mejja’s song Utawezana with her s333y and attractive…

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