Surge in COVID-19 Patients Halts Prayers in Soroti

Surge in COVID-19 Patients Halts Prayers in Soroti

Prayers have been halted in Soroti by the district’s covid-19 taskforce due to a surge in the numbers of patients suffering from covid-19.

This ban shall specifically be implemented in Asuret Sub County where all Church-related activities have been put on hold. In between 22nd September and 1st October only, the community had registered a total of 173 covid-19 cases.

In relation to the cumulative cases recorded since March 2020 in the district that comprises of about 12 sub counties, the 173 cases contribute almost a quarter of the cases that have recorded in the district.

According to the district Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Patrick Okumu, the decision that was passed is meant to create time for vigorous sensitization of the affected community to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures.

Furthermore, the closure of Churches is also meant to enable health officials to easily truck down those who are affected by the virus, provide feedback on their health status and also orient the VHTs on home-based management and enforcement of SOPs.

“The decision to close the religious institutions was informed by the surge in the number of covid-19 cases is Asuret compared to other Sub-counties. Data from health facilities show that Asuret has recorded a constant increase in the number of cases, a situation that needs to be addressed,” the RDC informed in relation to the current situation.

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The district councilor David Agwanyi representing the affected Sub County attributed the increase in the covid-19 cases to the various social gatherings people are engaging in now as well as the low adherence to the presidential directives.

While one of the clerics Rev. Samuel Ediau the Diocesan Secretary of Soroti supported the decision as he said, “The leaders from Asuret could have focused on prevention rather than causation where we can argue that it was the Churches that caused the hike in numbers since they had been opened just a week back. But if they looked at the possible spread going forward, then the Churches were definitely going to be super-spreaders in the community. I encourage the Church leaders to respect authorities as long as what they are doing is for the common of all.”

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