Supercom Group of Companies changes Lives with Hands-on Practical Skills and Digital Solutions

Supercom Group of Companies changes Lives with Hands-on Practical Skills and Digital Solutions

Supercom Group of Companies has changed Lives with Hands-on Practical Skills and Digital Solutions. The internship is one of the programs that enable undergraduate students in high institutions of learning to obtain hands-on practical skills. It is a necessity for every student to be in a position to complete their studies and failure to meet this requirement, one can never graduate.

The program is conducted once for diploma and some few bachelor degree students however for most bachelor level courses, it is always conducted twice accordingly. This is always meant to equip students with reliable and must-have hands-on practical skills and working experience that is key for one to compete in the job market in the fourth industrial revolution world.

In pursuit of this, Supercom Group of Companies is one of the few companies in the country that managed to offer internship placements to students regardless of the trying moments of COVID-19 pandemic. Founded and owned by one, Eng. Rodgers Ahabwe, in 2010, Supercom Group of Companies focuses on providing solutions in the arenas of information and technology, computer engineering, media, and business through providing realistic, professional, and high-end results on demand in form of both products and services.

As it is a norm at Supercom to serve clients objectively according to their demands, students from all universities in Uganda are always given the opportunity to do their internship with the company as long as one qualifies and is verified by their respective universities with practical proof.

On 29th January, 2021, all December 2020 interns concluded the program at Supercom Group of Companies offices located at Tirupati Mazima Mall, Kabalagala – Kampala in a very interesting and fun moment style whereby the company arranged for them a party.

However, unlike other internships that always carry on for two months that is between June and July, and/or January and March respectively, this time around the pandemic changed everything. And as a result, it was instead scheduled for only one month that is; between December 2020 and January 2021 and the next between February and March 2021 is due to commence on Monday 1st February 2021 at Supercom Group of Companies.

Students who were part are from Makerere, Kyambogo, Kampala University, Kampala International University (KIU), Cavendish University Uganda, International University of East African (IUEA) among others both at Diploma and Bachelors levels.

For the purpose of having positive impact on people and societies as one of the company’s objectives, students were grouped accordingly and each group was supposed to work on a socio-economic problem-solving project as an indicator that would show that they have acquired some knowledge and skills while at Supecom. These projects were keen in determining how each intern was graded after presenting the project to the panel of professionals.

Surprisingly, interns from the school of information systems and technology plus computer Engineering performed beyond their expectations by coming up with digital solutions that aim at solving common challenges.

Various groups in this category included; focusing on solving insecurity issues, Wefeeko, TrackChild, Home Automation System, YoMark whose main objective is to solve the issue of missing results in universities since it is one of the greatest challenges faced that in most cases lead to some students quit without graduating because of depression as a result;

“We found out that missing marks is a big challenge for staff whereby students sometimes don’t attend exams or give wrong information during examination process among others, of which they blame it all on lecturers. Therefore, YoMark is a students’ examination attendance verification system and it is free for students as long as the university subscribes accordingly,” said Odwa A. Ohide, YoMark.

Supercom Group of Companies changes Lives with Hands-on Practical Skills and Digital Solutions
Internship Students during a presentation of project ideas

Of all the ideas, Smart Farming System developed by a group of Kyambogo university Telecommunication Engineering students; Ian Ssebunya Joseph, Davis Insinde, Solomon Obeti, and Ali Sembatya was considered the best by the judges.

“Our system aims at solving irrigation hardships since it is automatic, there is no need for an operator as long as there is a water source, it does its work automatically at any time it detects that there is not enough moisture for plants.” Davis Isinde, a member of the group explained.

Regardless of this tremendous achievement as far as innovation and technology is concerned, Mr. Isinde insists that the industry in Uganda and Africa in general is still premature. He therefore urges all stakeholders for example; investors, researchers, scholars among others to join hands together in order to bring change in the industry and furthermore calls upon fellow students to always make use of internship since it exposes them to the working environment.

Thanking and awarding interns with their completion certificates, Eng. Ahabwe, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), Supercom Group of Companies urged students to always have purpose in life, hope, love, faith and respect for all since they are the people that make the society we live in.

Supercom Group of Companies changes Lives with Hands-on Practical Skills and Digital Solutions
Eng. Ahabwe, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), Supercom Group of Companies

“Let nobody deceive you that you can never succeed without them. Ask them how you have been surviving before you met them. Each of you has what it takes to succeed in life as long as you take life more seriously and with hope, faith, love, and respect for all.” He said in his message to interns.

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