“I Studied from South Sudan” -Spice Diana Defends herself

Following a 3o second video clip that is circulating on social media, Spice Diana was captured while narrating  to Faridah Nakazibwe the ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ host at NTV and Spark TV,  saying she scored 32 points at her Advanced level -(Senior six).

Her comments since then have brought mixed reactions  among the public with many contesting her recently acquired Bachelor’s degree from Makerere University.

During the show, the “Anti Kale” Ugandan singer, boldly said that she obtained 32 points from her three  A’ level subjects; History, Fine Art and  Luganda.  Spice Diana alleges that she scored a second grade which put her among the best students in her school.  “I was performing well, and i was among the best students at my school,” she narrated.

Despite various corrections from the host, the singer insisted to have scored a second grade at senior six.


However, she has defended herself saying that she went to South Sudan one other of the youngest in the world.


If only this was a song hit for the video has created both online and corridor discussions.

“Huh! But Spice Diana really? 36 points at your HSC, which education curriculum was that? As far as I know the maximum points were 25, GP point inclusive. And for these recent years it’s now lesser than that. Hope this is a lie that you didn’t say this.” 

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