Stop yapping on me- Zari blasts critics after her party flopped

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to blast those who have been making fun of her after her poolside party hugely flopped.

The South African based socialite only had 29 people attending the concert.

Since Zari started organizing parties, they had never flopped but this one announced her arrival on the scene of Ugandans who have had their concerts flopping such as Dj Michael, Mega Dee, Fik Fameica, Pallaso among others.

Zari however said that it wasn’t her fault that this party flopped but rather the organizers.

Besides it has taken nothing away from her and she’s even trending.

“Now every dog is yapping at me, events flop, there’s nothing new, I was paid, the planners didn’t do their job,” Eyakusinze aba yakusinze”, some of you brushed your teeth with salt this morning and you aren’t sure whether you will manage to eat today but you are here yapping, by the way I’m really trending everywhere, Zari Zari,” she said.

This party did not get much advertising and besides there were numerous concerts over the weekend.

It wasn’t her only party that flopped as the likes of Geoffrey Luttaya had few few people at their concerts.

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