Stop showing us your saggy fallen boobs- fans blast Winnie Nwagi on social media

Well social me is not for the weak hearted because it can tear the hell out of you or even send you into depression.

It’s where you will find all sorts of insults from different people directed at people they have even never met.

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has been a victim of these kind of abuses time and time again but she continues to show that people’s opinions don’t bother her that much.

The sexy and curvaceous singer has always left her male fans horny due to the seductive and flesh revealing pics she drops on her social media platforms.

One can’t mention the top 5 most sexiest female musicians in the country and Nwagi’s name fails to show up.

However, it seems the lockdown has either made male fans invulnerable to horn or they are simply tired of the Musawo singer’s antics.

These now clearly know that she will make them uncomfortable downstairs and then resort to bars of soap hence the need to stay away from her.

The singer posted two absolutely sexy pics and asked fans to comment with an emoji.

Instead of following instructions and commenting with an emoji, fans instead rained in comments attacking her fallen chest soldiers.

“But who lost his socks???” A fan said.

“But who stole them?” Another went.

“Slipper on her chest.” A fan said.

“This for my fallen soldiers …..”

“we are in sorrow right now don’t show your lagging breasts.”

“Amabere gagwa..there is no emoji for that.”

“Someone asked whose socks.”

“Breasts are like condom full of water.”

“Stop body shaming her.She is a mother and body changes are a natural.” Finally a fan came to her rescue.

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