Stop pretending like you care- Sandra Teta to Mama Ghetto and Daniella Atim


Sandra Teta has continued to pull the headlines in relation to her being battered by baby daddy and husband Weasel Manizo.

In her latest talk to the media, she’s told her in-law Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto wife to singer Buchaman to stop pretending like they care when they don’t.

According to Sandra, the pair should stop meddling in her private life and let her be.

She added that if these did care, they would have called her before to find out how she’s doing.

They however decided to start facing the media minus her consent and all they have done is blatantly lie about her.

Sandra also advised rhe duo to go and fight for other women battling domestic violence .

“I want to tell Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto to leave my family issues alone amd let me handle them myself. I didn’t call for their advice. If they wanted to help, they would have called me first to find out what was going on before going on to spread fake news about me. Daniella and other people fighting for me should extend their help to other women who are facing domestic violence,” said Sandra Teta.

Further she said that she’s severally told Daniella’s husband Dr Jose Chameleone to tame her.

It however seems that Mama Ghetto and Daniella are not yet willing to give up on fighting for someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

Daniella said that what Sandra is speaking is gibberish and she therefore needs contined support and encouragement to overcome the phase she’s in

Mama Ghetto also revealed how threats won’t make her bow out of fighting for women undergoing domestic violence.

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