Stop crying to me that I scammed you via the Internet – Zari warns fans

South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan took to her social media to warn her fans to avoid being scammed.

She said these blindly trust strangers and when they get scammed, they come running her saying she duped them.

This followed numerous complaints to her from her followers saying they were being scammed by people using her name.

Zari took to her social media to warn people that she doesn’t do any business on social media or on the internet and they should therefore be keen on who they deal with.

“I have said this and will keep warning you, I DON’T have any internet business with the public. I DON’T take people abroad for jobs, I DON’T hire for my companies through social media. I DONT DO FOREX TRADE.” Zari posted.

She told her followers that it’s the 21st century and should therefore wake up and stop trusting strangers on the internet.

Zari further told them that anyone can use her photos to con them.

They should ask these people instead to bring Zari herself in person.

And with that demand they won’t bring her because they don’t have bee since it’s a scam.

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