Stop bullying Big Eye because he might commit suicide- Full Figure

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has come out to hit at revellers who have made it a habit of pelting Big Music boss, Big Eye with bottles.

The Sula indicator singer saw bottles rain on him during the just concluded Galaxy FM ZzinaFest at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo.

After two years in a lockdown, the singer thought that maybe fans have moved on past politics but was shocked after being showered with bottles.

He pleaded with them to stop harassing him because politics ended and he’s also trying to look for food.

Full Figure has now come out to criticize these negative people.

She said that these just do it for fun and as a form of bullying.

They however don’t know how they are torturing Big Eye mentally and they could wake up one day to news that he committed suicide due to the psychological effects.

She further advised him to next time go with his security and fans and nab just about two people throwing bottles at Big Eye.

These then should be thrown behind bars as a lesson to others .

“What these people are doing to Big Eye is so bad. I don’t know why Ugandans like putting their fellows down. He has worked so hard to be where he is right from Leone Island to Big Talent and then forming his own Big Music. Artists put a lot of effort in their careers and this could see him do something bad such as committing suicide.”

“Many don’t do it because of politics or hatred, its just a form of bullying and I advised him to go with his fans and security on his next show. They should get just wo people and make them spend years in Kitalya or Kigo. This will be a lesson to the rest,” Full Figure said.

Big Eye recently announced how he’s planning to hold a BigEyeFestival.

The singer said that he’s confident this concert will sell despite the negative response from people.

He added that his true fans will come in huge numbers to support him.

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