Stella Nyanzi and Kakwenza Rukira releases her disturbing n#des


Nudity and Stella Nyanzi are two words that can rhyme together as the ex Makerere University don has severally flashed her private parts in public.

This was the same with two of her friends, renowned author Kakwenza Rukira and a one Mutebi Edward at a beach for naked people.

Kakwenza was the one on the camera as Stella and her friend undressed themselves.

These were taken at the Nude beach in Hiddensee Island in the Baltic Sea. Nyanzi was in a gigantic knicker to cover her old aged fatty body whereas Mutebi was completely nude with only a hat to cover his bare buttocks.

“Me and my friend Mutebi Edward at the nude beach on Hiddensee Island in the Baltic Sea. Photography by Kakwenza who was gladly showing off his photojournalism skills as he lay in the sand to capture the best angles! Who has won the presidential elections of Kenya?” Nyanzi captioned the pics.

According To Stella, the beach is found on a tiny ecological island in the Baltic Sea.

People usually go there and walk naked without anything to cover their bodies. Young kids are also allowed there as they always walk around with their parents.

Nyanzi said that walking at this beach is so liberating as there is the warm sun to warm the “buttocks and pochachas” after an entire year in heavy winter clothes.

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