Spice Diana risks Winnie Nwagi’s wrath after showing off lover

Despite being close friends, female singer Spice Diana risks tasting Swangz Avenue’s singer Winnie Nwagi’s wrath after she paraded her lover.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Spice Diana revealed how she’s deeply in love.

This was in the wee hours of the night in her home studio.

The Onsanula singer added that love is so sweet and love songs are better made at night.

Meanwhile all the time fellow singer Chozen Blood appeared in these videos.

“Perfect time to make love songs is in the night and when you are in love. And I think I’m in love. Walayi love is sweet you guys,” Spice Diana captioned the videos.

The two despite having a collaboration a while ago titled ‘Muntu Wange’ have always been spotted in each other’s company.

The sharpshooter singer however is more linked to Winnie Nwagi and there were even rumors that the two chew each other secretly.

Therefore the Star gyal Spice better be ready to flex with Nwagi who works out on a daily basis.

Spice Diana also a few months ago revealed how she’s in love.

She’s however been linked to a number of men such as Fik Fameica and her manager, Roger.

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